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Type 1 - SN 1002 (1871)

Very nice example with blue in protected areas and nitre on hammer. Clean with out pitting or noticeable scratches, though there are some minor dings.Stocks are very good with original varnish, some wear on high points. Mechanically sound, markings are sharp.  $1650.

Type 1 Conical-strker Variant - SN 994 (1871)

Rare variant, one of sixteen known, made even more rare by the nickel finish. Mechanically sound, markings are sharp. Loss of finish, and some mild pitting as you can see. The stock s are very good with original varnish and very scant wear on the high points. $2850.

Type 1 - SN 486 (1871)

Mechanically sound. Stocks have original varnish with minor wear, though there are some indents on the left panel.  Sjome mottling near the muzzle, and there is is the appearance of  what might have been some rust under the ejector rod housing near the cylinder. Otherwise, please refer to images. $900.

Type 5 - SN 73398 (1874)

Rare high condition blue/electro-silver with with greater than 90% of the blue remaining. There is some thinning towards the muzzle and some wear around the muzzle, but the gun does not seem to have been fired. The bore is shiny, for those interested in such. As you see there is a drag ring around the cylinder. Nitre is on the hammer.

Notably, there remains significant amount of electro-silver on the frame which typically did not survive. This is evident from other guns you see here and elsewhere.

It is mechanically sound (though the mainspring has lost some of its strength), and the stocks show almost no wear, save for the left panel on which there is also a scratch. $1650.

Type 5 - SN 80478 (1874-)

Factory engraved, half-plated, walnut stocks with unusual markings identical on both panels. Weak bore

Birmingham stamps.  $1600

Type 5 - SN 79777 (1874-shipped 1875)

Factory engraved, factory ivory, and nickel plating.

Some fire blue, minor handling marks. $3250